Lotions & Potions, what I’m currently using

This comment is not to be boastful or bragging but people always think that I am a lot younger than I really am. What is my secret or has been my secret? I say “Lotions & Potions”. I have been a skincare and makeup junkie since I was able to babysit and buy it with my own money. My mom always took care of her skin and I followed her habits, just with less time.

I don’t spend a lot of time on my face but I do apply products. I can be really sick and I can’t go to bed without brushing my teeth and washing my face. I don’t know if I ever went a night without washing my makeup off. I have oily skin and that would make me feel terrible in itself to leave it on.

I have tried Lots of different lines. I was a BeautiControl consultant for years and really felt that BeautiControl delivered the best results for the money. I hate that they are no longer in business. That’s what happens when big companies buy them out. ugh!

Trying different products on one side and then the other is something I do quite frequently. The most recent was the lash boosters. You can read about that on a previous post.

Here is my current “pharmacy of products”! I will share with you why I’m using them and how I feel they are working below.

Starting with the product on the far left~

Somaderm gel~This is not a skincare item but works internally to deliver “turn back the clock” results. It is a Human Growth Hormone product and I learned about HGH from Suzanne Sommers book Breakthrough. Our HGH declines rapidly starting in our early 30’s, sure wish I would have had this product earlier. In fact, I checked into HGH injections years back but the cost is out of my price range. I encourage you to study up on the benefits of HGH or click on the link on my website (on the left) to learn more.

R&F Cleansing mask~I used their line years back and had some left over, so after I ran out of the other cleansers I had, I’m trying it again. What I do like about this cleanser is that it has little granules in it which help slough off dead skin cells. Therefore, not having to use 2 different products.

BB cosmetics Vitamin C~is a must! Ward off anti-oxidants.

Pure Nerium night cream~I’m being part of a trial test. I have to say that my face initially broke out. I’m sticking with it, as I know sometimes your skin can break out at first. I’m needing to take photos but I’m waiting until the breakouts are cleared up, so that I can see if the wrinkles have lessened.

HydroPeptides eye cream~This has been my favorite eye cream that I have tried. I used it years back when my daughter Brooke sold it in her shop. I’ve tried several since then and recently went back. I’m still looking for an eye cream that delivers amazing results. Do you know of one?

I will be out of the R&F cleanser soon? I’m looking for another product to try, as a trial test. What do you recommend and why?

Also, What is your favorite eye cream?

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