Halloween Home tour

Here is a photo of the front of our home. I cut off the 3 car garage doors (who wants to see that anyway 🙂 )

New for this Halloween was the pumpkin greeter on the left of our front doors. I just loved him. He was from Home Goods. The witch hats hanging from our arched porch was the show stopper and super inexpensive to make. They are so cool at night when the wind was blowing. The hats I purchased on Amazon and the orange streamers were a cheap table cover I cut up that I got from Hobby Lobby. I did my daughter’s in lime green. Way cool too!

Meet Shelly Skelly! She has been our door greeter, this Halloween season. I purchased Shelly from Amazon. She manages to get herself on my Facebook account and Instagram.

This fun skeleton is who you are greeted by when you walk in the front door. I bought him a couple years back at Home Goods, when we were in Texas. The black pumpkins were super cheap and I hot glued rhinestones on them to match the buttons on the skeleton. The others were from Michael’s this year.

OK, in our new home, I have been simplifying our wall decor, etc. With the number of windows we have, that helps with the problem. But, the bookcases here are a whole nother thing. During Christmas, Winter, Easter and July 4th, I removed the majority of the book shelves. So, I thought I would put them back in for Halloween. I pulled out everything black, orange and white that I could find and started filling. I repurposed candlesticks, vases, etc. But, over the course of the season, I added alot more. Oh No! Thankfully, I have a husband who likes the decorations, as much as I do and the rest of the family. I personally thought it was pretty busy! I’ll try again, next year.

This is a true story. My grand daughter tells my daughter that her decorations are boring. I guess she had to step it up a notch. So funny! The seasonal decor is mostly about the children but I happen to love them too.

I love repurposing my antique scales. They are sitting in my stove area. I switch them out with everything from pinecones, to eggs, bones, to ornaments. One of my favorite items to decorate.

This guy was “1” of the new items I purchased this season. He lights up! My son-in-law liked him 🙂

I haven’t decorated with these brass candlesticks in a long time. If you look close they need polished. I left them just as they were and added black candles. I loved the look and especially when they were lite.

The Halloween pennant was one of the items I made. They were part of the “Fall in a box” that I sold this season. Be watching for items coming for Christmas!

If you watched my video, you will notice I am holding my DIY witch broom, that was Not a great savings. I suggest just buying it from Grandin Road.

Being a witch has always been my favorite costume. I usually have a witch nose duct taped on and my face painted green. This year, I’m doing a little different flavor of witch…hee hee!

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