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My husband and I decided to do a “Flipper” (a remodel to sell). We will be purchasing this home on December 3rd, 2019, but had in the contract that we could have it painted before closing. Here in Hudson, WI the days are limited where it will be warm enough to get that done.

We had a couple days this past weekend where it was 40 degrees and my painter agreed to paint just the front for me. Our intention is to have the home finished before it warms up again. We will put in the listing that the paint will be finished in the spring.

The painter sent me the photo above, as I’m in Arizona with my daughter for Thanksgiving. The paint looks a little green in the photo, but it is a taupe/grey color in person. I was trying to match the paint to the brick, which I don’t love. So, I haven’t decided if the brick will get painted as well or not. I think the brick might add dimension, and the landscaping will actually look nice against it adding a soft touch.

The front door is in the inset behind the ladders. I originally thought I would paint the front door lime green, as I want it to stand out. Another thought that has come to mind is a raspberry color.

What color would you paint the front door?

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