12 weeks of Organizing

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I have to start out by saying “I am excited to have you joining me in 12 Weeks of Organizing.” I actually did a 52 weeks years back and it was a big commitment but what I did learn was that you pick a drawer or a small area and not a whole room. Tackling a whole room or closet can be absolutely overwhelming and you are tired before you ever start.

Our 12 weeks will be areas or a drawer or certain articles of clothing, such as jeans. I hope this is more doable.

I want to make this fun and I would like to ask you to be vulnerable and show pictures of your Before and your After. Each time you do, you will be entered in the drawing at the end. How-to tips will also bring entries.

Here is what our 12 weeks will look like.

  1. Coat closet
  2. Sweaters
  3. Eyeshadow & lipstick
  4. Desk drawer
  5. Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  6. Junk Drawer
  7. Refrigerator
  8. Freezer
  9. Jeans
  10. Can Goods
  11. Spice Drawer
  12. Medicine cabinet

Feel free to go at your speed but please share your progress on our current week.

I will post on my Facebook Page Hello-Midlife on Monday, as to what we are working on for the week. I will then post here on my blog my before photos, tips and/or videos.

I learned from Maria Kondo several years back. She has a couple good books and you can search her on YouTube and learn tricks there, as well.

OK, let’s fire up and get ready to feel more free! I’m your cheerleader!

Blessings to your 2020! Debbie

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