OK, I’m going to be honest right from the get-go. I worked on my sweaters all week. This was not easy for me. I threw in quite a few pictures of my time on sessions. I did try every one of them on. That wasn’t fun for me.

Here are the Before photos of both cabinets.

Stacking any type of clothing, one on top of the other is not the best. Putting them in baskets would be much better.

I started by removing all of the sweaters from the cabinets.

I then stacked them on my island and there was 2 rows of them. There were some that I had not wore in a long time. Probably for a good reason 🙂

Something I learned when going through Image Consulting school is to have a good hair day, put your makeup on and have a full stomach, prior to starting your try-on session.

When studying the color analysis piece, I was typed as a cool. When we were in Texas I met these ladies who color typed you by your energy. You guessed it, they said I was the opposite. I tried wearing warm colors for awhile but I felt like I was in the wrong body, even though I don’t think this is a terrible photo. I will save the sweater for fall.

This feels like my color (pink) but the neck feels way overwhelming.

This is going to be a goner!

As well as this one! When you have broad shoulders, you don’t wear a dropped seam sweater.

I had to throw this photo in. I was to lazy to put a shaper on before trying this one on. I am keeping this one.

I hadn’t wore this sweater in probably 2 years and the wrinkles are pretty set in the sweater. I have a skirt that goes with this sweater, so I’m going to keep it. I’ll recheck it, next year.

I feel like a frumpalumpagus in this sweater. What do you think about the color?


Keeping. A raglan sleeve is good for broad shoulders.

Here is a really good picture of how the dropped shoulder is not a good thing for broad shoulders. Not sure why I ever bought this.

I love this color! That was a glimpse of the try on sessions. I will be thinking of you all this week.

Here is the pile I am getting rid of. There were also 4 other sweaters that I forgot to put in the pile. 20 sweaters are going bye bye.

Below is what I’m keeping. There are like 5 poncho type sweaters that probably should go, as well. In Hudson, WI you just don’t get a big enough window to wear them.

Best of luck this week, as you go through your sweaters. Please share your organizing systems and photos and you will be put into a drawing that will take place at the end.

I think it is easiest to upload your photos on my Facebook page @hello-midlife


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