Week 3-clean through and organize the refrigerator.

Previously, I would have so much outdated and spoiled food after cleaning the refrigerator out, that half the refrigerator would be empty when I was done. With using these bins, I find myself pulling the bins out more often and checking through them.

You will notice this photo is slightly different from the video. This is a photo I took previously after organizing. It changes slightly but not much, depends how much food I have at the time 🙂

Here is a photo of the side of the refrigerator door lined with picnic table cover fabric.

I have to say, “using the refrigerator bins is the Best hack I have done, actually in a few areas”.

The below images are like the bins that I used. If you click on the image, they will take you direct to Amazon to purchase. They are Affiliate links and I will make a small commission. So, thank you in advance for purchasing through the links.

Cheers to a more organized and easier to clean refrigerator! Debbie

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