Love is in the air! Valentine Decor 2020

This is probably the most decor I have done for Valentine’s Day but had fun with it! I started with my mantel, as it it the focal point. For the base of the mantel piece I used lighted white garland. I have a link at the bottom for it. I added roses and the ribbon which is also at the bottom. The hearts at the top are styrofoam and I ripped fabric and just covered the hearts with the strips, then I tied them together with fishing wire and topped them with the cupid’s arrow (also wired on).

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I like to remove the shelves out of my bookshelves. I did a little DIY and painted the heart trees to put in the space where the shelves would be.

Above was last years decor at this time. I went with a winter theme. In the below picture, you will notice I consolidated all my silver and white Christmas trees to my entrance for a different look, this year.

Here they are 🙂 with the hearts for a pop!

This was the extent of my Valentine decorations in 2019 and I did set a tablescape, as well.

I love adding a little seasonal decor around my cook top. It just makes me happy!

Here in Hudson, WI. you can’t go all out on Valentine decor outside. These metal hearts can stand the sub below temperatures and bring a little cheer to our visitors. I also added another strand of the same garland as the mantel above the front door with more mesh ribbon. No flowers for Valentine decor in Hudson.

Notice the beautiful blue skies. Whenever it is very cold here, we will have the most beautiful blue skies. If you live in an area where it is cold, is it the same for you?

If you click on the images, you will go straight to the website to order. They are affiliate links and I make a small commission. Thank you in advance! Debbie

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