Sugar substitutes

Do you struggle to find a sugar substitute that you like the taste of it? I have tried many and I have found a couple that I really like and thought you might too. Hopefully, you will like these and you won’t waste your money on others.

I really like Just Like Sugar. It comes in a table top and baking formula in the white “Just like Sugar”. The brown is good, as well. I recently tried Monk Zero in the Powered Sugar formula and it was good too.

What I really like about these, is that they are a 1:1 ratio, which makes it so easy for substituting in a recipe. They also aren’t bitter and don’t leave an after taste.

The below images are to affiliate links and will take you straight to purchase by clicking on the image. I make a small commission. Today, when I looked on Amazon, they didn’t have the white Just Like Sugar available. You might be able to find it elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy these! Debbie

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