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I picked just 2 items in the makeup drawer to go through versus the whole drawer. If you would like to go through your whole drawer, I’m sure it would be a great feeling. The first thing I did was ask Siri how long lipstick was good for and according to, lipstick lasts 2 years or if it dries out before, it’s time to go. Eyeshadow was also 2 years, unless it is a cream and then it has a 1 year expiration.

This was my makeup drawer prior to pulling all the eyeshadow and lipstick out. I have to say “I have had some of this makeup Way longer than 2 years”.

I then took all the lipsticks and lined them up with the cap off.

I had 22 tubes and I didn’t clean through the lip stains or lipglosses. I really don’t think I need that many tubes. Here is what I did…..

I marked up my arm from left to right with the lipsticks. I tried on the very light colors and quickly figured out they needed to go. Then, I had some with orange undertones and they needed to go. Then, I had a few that were very similar in color or I just had them too long.

As for eyeshadows, I didn’t have an abundance of excess. I did have a green and a purple that I don’t wear often but kept them for costumes 🙂 The 3 you see in the above photo are duplicates and I’m going to put them in my travel bag. I threw 10 tubes of lipstick away and 1 foundation that was almost gone. Foundation is one of the hardest makeup items to buy, as my skin color changes with the seasons.

I probably could and should thin the lipsticks done more, especially with having quite a few lipglosses, as well. But, this is where I’m starting and ending for now.

How many tubes of lipstick do you have? This is a fun game to play by asking how many tubes are in your purse. I love hearing the numbers.

Below are some of my favorite items for organizing makeup. Depending on drawer space, another idea I like is having a framed magnetic board and putting magnets on the back of each eyeshadow and blush. My daughter, Brooke used to do this at her BB makeup bar until her makeup selections outgrew the frame.

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