It’s time for another try on session. The jeans were not as painful as the sweater for me. I wear a lot of jeans, so I have pretty much stayed on top of them. This was a great time for me to dust my shelves and remove the pages I had torn out of magazines for outfit suggestions, my color analysis swatches and extra belts.

My suggestion is to try them all on. Make piles of jeans to keep and a pile that you need to get rid of. Then, if you have several, say skinny jeans, see if there are any that you need to filter down. If you have a hard time deciding, ask a friend to come over. We can’t see our back side that well 🙂

I separate my jeans by skinny’s, boot cut and flare. I wear different cuts with different style tops or jackets. I then have a stack for white jeans, which I love white jeans and have a variety of styles and cuts of them.

When going through mine, I did find a couple pair that I was able to part with.

Good Luck with your try-on session. If you have a ton of jeans, you can break it up or maybe doing them all at once will make you realize how many you have and that you need to get rid of some.

This pair I haven’t wore in a while but opted to keep them. If I don’t wear them this summer, they will be gone.

Have a fabulous week and cheers to another cleaned through area! Debbie

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