Junk drawer

Do you have one? I drawer where everything miscellaneous goes?

I sure had it. This drawer held everything I had not dealt with when we moved in. I had appliance handbooks, dog shock collars, string, sewing pins, a timer that we used for the Christmas lights, receipts, receipts and more receipts and the list goes on.

I am so disappointed that I was not able to upload the photo from my camera to the computer. Our service here is not so good. If I get the issue resolved, I will share it in my next post.

Below is my finished results. No, I really don’t keep 3 things of gum. I used the containers to corral all my shelve dividers in one and another has hooks for hanging pictures. Lastly, the one is gum. I do have an abundance of tape 🙂 Christmas overstock!

Boy, did it feel SO good to conquer this drawer!

How are you all doing on your organizing? Have you fell off the bandwagon? If so, it’s OK. I had a gal asked to join in, last week. There is no cost, so of course. This 12 weeks of organizing is to just bring awareness to certain areas and clean them out, if needed.

It has been fun to see those of you who are even digging in deeper and cleaning other areas.

My husband bought me 2 cabinets and a counter top for my birthday to put up in our storage area. I am so excited to get to work on it but overwhelmed at the same time. When I head up there, you may not hear from me for a week, as I will have to fight for my life to get out of the mess. I don’t understand how I can get it cleaned up and then after Christmas, it literally looks like an explosion happened up there. Do you have a room like that?

Cheers to a great week, Debbie

Below are some options for dividers. I like these because they match the inside of my drawers. These are affiliate links and I make a small commission if you purchase through them. Just click on the picture. Thank you in advance.

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