Did you know that spices have a shelf life? They do! I’m not exaggerating that when we were packing up to move and I was throwing all of the spices out that some of them were probably 10 years old. I guess I did not realize prior that the jars actually have expiration dates on them.

Yes, they do! Here you can see my cinnamon is already outdated and I have been using it.

I went to Spices, Inc and they had a lot of information on where to store certain spices and the shelf life for them, as well. I think you would find that sight informative.

It seems like I have tried every form of spice storage and I am not a big fan of anything I have tried. I’ve tried them in a drawer, in a cabinet on a tiered shelf and on a spinner shelf. Didn’t care for any of those. I think part of the problem is that we don’t buy all the same size jars. All the spices you see in the above photo are new and my husband purchased some and I purchased some and they are different sizes. In the future, it will be my goal to buy all the same brand and the same size jars.

I put them in alphabetical order and called this organization project good.

The below photo is off of Instagram. I liked how HipandHumblestyle stores her spices and I thought that you might too. Deborah has great style and you might enjoy following her, as well.

Our 12 weeks of organization is almost over. A couple more weeks and we will be finished. Hope you are feeling better about many spots in your home.

Have a great week, Debbie

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