Bling Wash

Here is a DIY jewelry cleaner that will bring the sparkle back to your gems. (use ONLY on real diamonds, gold and platinum) It is easy and you will probably have all of the ingredients.

Ingredients you will need~

Windex or any glass cleaner

a few drops of dish soap (I used Dawn)

soft bristle “used” toothbrush

and you will need a microwave

Mix the ingredients together in a glass container. If you have one with a lid, you can easily store it after use. I didn’t have the right size container with a lid, so I used a measuring cup. The measuring cup came in handy because you need 2 cups Windex, then add a couple drops dish soap. Without a lid, microwave solution in the glass dish for 1 minute “WITHOUT JEWELRY”. Remove the solution from the microwate and add rings, earrings, etc and allow to soak. Let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes. The solution will be almost boiling. This helps to loosen everything up and fall to the bottom of the dish. Then, gently brush your jewelry and try to get in between the prongs, etc. Rinse with lukewarm water (don’t forget to cover your drain). Dry with a paper towel and that’s it.

WARNING*****Please be careful when removing the solution from the microwave. It could be very hot. My microwave must have been on a lower setting, as I had to microwave an additional time. You might check your power before you heat and make sure it is on high the first time.

After I finished cleaning my jewelry, I stored the solution in a canning jar. I will use it next time for the whole process.

Sparkle! Debbie

Credits: Landyn, Living with Landyn on Instagram I enjoy following her on Instagram and I think you might too.

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