The Flipper (remodel)-Part 1

Welcome to our renovation project! We obtained the house sometime after Thanksgiving. We spent about a 4-month timeline to transform this outdated house into a space that a new family could call a home. The first step we took to revamp the house was to address the curb-appeal (and beat the snow fall) –it is amazing what a simple coat of paint can do to the exterior of a home. I really wanted something that would match well with the existing brick. Inside, we pulled up old flooring, removed cabinets, and busted down walls. Bye bye popcorn ceilings. Bye bye divided up rooms. Say “hello” to natural light, open space, and modern finishes. To say this was a labor of love is exactly on-point. I hope you enjoy this first of two blog series showing the flip to our “flipper.”

Here is a picture of the new coat of paint on the front of the house, which was done just before the first snow fall.

Pictured above + below: the original kitchen cabinets, appliances, and flooring. I actually really liked the flooring but it was worn and couldn’t stay because of removing walls. This was definitely a typical 70’s look and I don’t believe hardly anything had been changed, which was fun to see.

The cabinetry you see straight ahead was removed from the kitchen to open up the space to reveal a more modern, open-concept feel. A new island would be added in it’s place to ensure a wonderful place to host parties and at-home craft projects.

This is a family affair. Here I am in the center helping to hold weight as we removed the cabinets. To the right, is my son who put in a tremendous number of hours to ensure this project was a success. To the left, we were lucky to have our son-in-law be in town for a couple weeks to help with the demolition process and get us moving right along and provide lots of laughs.

After the cabinets were removed from the kitchen, we worked to bring down the wall that divided the kitchen from the family room and dining room space. In the final photos that you will see later, you will see that this was the key to increasing the natural lighting within the home and add more functional space.

The kitchen space originally had a dropped ceiling with fluorescent lighting which made the kitchen feel short and enclosed.

Three hardworking men for the job!

There goes all the popcorn ceiling! This was a BIG job. The guys sprayed the ceiling with water and then scraped it by hand with a spatula, which took hours and hours. The ceiling would get nicked from the scraper and then need repaired. After it was all removed and spackled back smooth. We then hired a company to retexture in a knock down style.

Starting the clean up process.

The above photo shows them spraying on the new texture.

A new front door was installed, along with a new door coming from the garage to the inside of the house.

In this photo, I am trying to pick out a color for the front door. I usually don’t have a hard time knowing what I want but I struggled with what color to paint it.

Here is something else I tried and didn’t like it. I knew I wanted to put shiplap on the kitchen island and when I was at Menards I thought I would give the barn wood look a try. Well, it was too busy. So away it went.

Here is the finished kitchen area. I am so happy with how it turned out. I was really happy with the lights I found, as well. The dining table, I purchased off Facebook Marketplace, just for staging. The fabric ended up tying together nice with Brooke’s couch I borrowed.

All new appliances!

Here is the updated front of the house. The front door is actually a Burgundy color. I love the new garage door. I think new landscaping will add color and dimension against the brick.

The home has an excepted offer and is to close mid-May. Our daughter, Danielle loved the home and is transitioning back to Wisconsin but the timing wasn’t good for her. She loved the partially wooded lot, closet to town, open floor plan, everything inside was pretty much new and this home has access to Lake Mallalieu. Oh and I can’t forget the flat driveway. That is a big thing in WI in the winter 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Debbie

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