The Flipper-Part 2

Here is more of “The Flipper” and it’s transformation.

This is the room we called the Master Bedroom. The wallpaper peeled off super easy in here but left what must have been all the glue behind. It took many painful hours of sanding, spackling, sanding again and more sanding. Looking back, I wish I would have just shiplapped the focal wall. This room was a lot of work.

Here is the Master bedroom finished. The chandelier must be causing the shadowing on the wall :), as this photo was professionally taken.

Oh no, ewe yuck, right? This was the condition of the master shower before we started the transformation of the house. We ended up leaving the tub/shower and just gave it a really good cleaning. I believe I used 6 different products on the tub to get it cleaned but was satisfied with the end results or it would have been replaced.

This is another shot of the Master Bath. It looked as if the flooring had been updated at some point. I probably could have left the cabinet and changed out handles and maybe sprayed the counter top, as I did in the lower level bar but I always think of how I would like it and how it is most useful. So, it all came out and a double sink went in. I felt this was better with 2 bedrooms upstairs and only 1 bathroom. Question for you? Do you like the old lights?

Here is the master bath after the renovation. I changed the sink to a double base, new flooring, new lights, paint and new toilet seat were all installed. I loved the end results.

The above photo is what the ceilings looked like. I thought it was mold. We had 2 mold inspectors come and it is what is called Shadowing. I would try to explain but better if you Google it 🙂

My helper, Armani! The stairs remind me of the Brady Bunch home. I was just in a home with a very similar layout but the walls were solid. The spindles give this area a much more open and airy feeling. I was so pleasantly surprised that the woodwork in this home was in such good condition. It’s that good ole’ strong oak.

This is the lower level bedroom. The entire house had the original carpet from when it was built. The only thing that had been updated was the tile in the master bath.

And, the finished lower bedroom. In this room, we painted over the wallpaper since we had such a hard time with all the paper upstairs, we opted for an easier route. Check out the double closets. This house had quite a lot of storage and closet space.

The lower level bath. I actually liked the vinyl in this bathroom but for some reason it was really discolored around the toilet itself. So you guessed it, the entire bathroom was taken out (shower, vanity, toilet, and flooring).

Here is the lower level update. All new flooring, cabinets, counter top, toilet, and shower. I reused the lights, there was just something about them that I liked and it saved a few dollars. We also kept the mirror and built a frame around it. We added shiplap to the wall behind the mirror. I love how this bathroom turned out.

Photo of the lower level prior to the remodel

Up close of the fireplace prior to having the tile removed in the front of the hearth. I believe at one time, this was a wood burning fireplace and then converted to a gas fireplace.

The fireplace was painted, along with all of the walls and paneling. I painted over the gold on the fireplace insert, all thing dated, had to go. You may have noticed in the fireplace area, there was a safe, it was SO heavy, we couldn’t get it out. So, I staged it will wood that was cut down to small pieces to hide the safe.

The lower level is a walk out. I loved it when the turkeys would come up to the sliding door and peek in.

The Bar area before. We decided to leave the existing cabinets and to not paint them. The reason for not painting them was the wine rack area, I was fearful it would have looked painted and not been smooth (and gotten paint runs). The tile was taken up in this area, as well. The counter top, I decided to paint. I was happy with how it turned out. I had saw Allie, from prvbsthirtyonegirl blog paint her bathroom sink counter and it turned out really well. I thought, “What do I have to lose?” and went for it. I was happy with how it turned out.

The trick to getting a smooth finish with the Appliance Epoxy paint is to put on several light layers.

The finished bar area. Didn’t it turn out awesome? I was so excited with how it looked.

This flip took a full 4 month to renovate this home. We hired our son and he worked almost full time on it. I helped where I could (unpaid) and my husband worked on the weekends.

I’m sure the big question for you all is “Was is profitable?”. Yes, we made a decent amount of money. My husband is good at working the numbers. Before we agreed on a purchase price, he figured out what we would be paying per square foot. Then, we did our comparisons of homes like this one in the area. We checked out what new homes were going for, as well. Then, we had a spreadsheet of what everything was going to cost to fix it up. Some areas we went over and some we came in a little less. This home needed a full remodel, so that helped with what we paid. It was in a great location, close to town but still felt like out in the woods. It was also on a cul-de-sac, had access to a lake, and had a flat driveway which is important in Wisconsin.

All the highlights plus the fact that the house was like new are all the reasons my daughter, Danielle wanted the house, Unfortunately, she had just moved here and started her practice. If we would have known how quickly her business would have taken off, this would have been a great home for her and Ryan.

Speaking of Danielle and Ryan, we have an excepted offer on another home that needs remodeling. We are waiting on the inspection report and water testing. If all is good, we will be full speed ahead on another remodel.

Hope this helps you if you are considering a remodel or flipper.


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